We introduced new positions into QASPA offer – ceramic brake pads for Iveco Daily. Now in QASPA pads offer we have to chose – QASPA Standard, QASPA Premium and new QASPA Ceramic.

Our collaboration witch one of best pads producer give us the chance for some innovative and new solutions on range of industrial vehicles. Using of Ceramic brake pads in this „market segment” give the possibility to improved safety of heavy vehicles movement – a specially in hard conditions ( mountains, „off roads” etc.) .

Ceramic brake pads are very „effective” and „stable” (in mean working parameters) in wide range of temperatures (much bigger as in standard pads). This guarantee constant and certain brake efficiency – even witch very hot system. Additionally this version reduced dust and noise emission – what exactly fit our basic strategy Green&Great which are witch QASPA product from beginning. Using of Ceramic brake pads extends the pads life for ca +20% – compare to identical working condition of standard pads.

Using of QASPA Ceramic pads not required using of „special” brake disc. Of course using of quality discs improves the positive effect of Ceramic pads – so we recommended QASPA brake discs – and a specially QASPA GEOMET discs (starting in sale from end of January 2020)

In first step (as testing range) we start to offer Ceramic brake pads for Daily 2006-> :

QA29232CER (org nr equiv. 42555917) Brake pads Daily 06-> rear + 2x wear sensors included

QA29229CER (org nr equiv.42555881) Brake pads Daily 06-> front + 2x wear sensors included