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Propeller shaft cariers QASPA – new articles in DFE offer


the QASPA product line is dedicated to truck and vans . It mainly included brake components : brake pads, brake discs, brake calipers, brake sensors and brake repair sets.. It is very innovative line witch many very unique solutions on the market. For example range of brake pads included also premium ceramic and titanium versions. In addition we have also premium Green&Great and also standard version.  On the other hand – brake discs are also available in special GEOMET version – coated witch special protective shell. However QASPA offer includes not only brake components. Selected and high quality product are offered also in the field of suspension and driveline. There are several new item on this field in our offer – the newest one is QASPA shaft carriers

What determine the quality

Propeller shaft carier is a quiet popular product witch relative technologically simple operation. Due to its operation the most important element is the central bearing. The second important element is the rubber damping element. Due to vibrations, load and different operating temperatures – connection between rubber element and metal bearing body is very important element. This two elements and their conection in fact decide about quality of shaft support at all. Therefore in QASPA proppeler shaft carriers we attach the greatest importance to the bearing, rubber damping element and the method of their permanent connction

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Central bearing selection

when selection the bearing to QASPA shaft we first of all pay attention to quality/price ratio. The easiest way would be to chose the best bearing on market. Certainly this solution would result in a very high price of final product. That is why we were looking for and choose the bearing of good quality but also at acceptable price level. For this product the quality/price ratio as final product is one of best on the market

Damping rubber element

the next step was selection of rubber element. Since its task is damping and absorbing – the rubber cannot be too hard. On the other hand it works at different temperatures, witch high load and vibrations. Therefore, it cannot be too soft. First of all we focused on reserch and tests. It is noteworthy that we tested our prototypes in “real” and not just theoretical work conditions. Thanks to this we have selected the optimal version of the rubber damping element for QASPA propeller shaft support

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Rubber/metal connection

because we had two basic elements of good quality, we had to connected them permanently and reliably. It sound simple – but in fact is not so easy. Due to working conditions – very often damage in shaft supports is caused by separation of the bearing and damping rubber element. Even good elements but poorly connected in this product will resoult in poor quality of final shaft support. We seem to have found the perfect solution. As a resoult – our final product QASPA propeller shaft carrier retained the advantages of components  – whoich we chose very carefully

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