OEM wheel disc for Iveco, Fiat and MAN

OEM – what is it ?

OEM quality products are product from first asembly suppliers for vehicle manufactuirers or original products from different as official EU distribution networks. It may or may not be identical witch original EU network product. Sametimes is different color or describtion marking.  It may come from factory different production line. However it comes always from the same manufacturer nad has the same quality as the original part. To sum up – the OEM product are close (or sametimes identical) from quality to original product.. But the big benefit of this type products are prices level – much lower as original part..

OEM wheel disc suplier

because we work on the parts market for nearly 25 years – our cooperation and contacts have reached the producers directly . The most interesting group of them are direct partner of  vehicle manufacturers – what mean suppliers of original parts. That is why we usually looks for contacts mainly witch this group. This is not always possible (producers have exclusivity contracts) – but sometimes its works. In  case of OEM wheel disc we ware able to get this product. Thanks to this – we can offer original quality rims in level of aftermarket prices

felgi OEM do MAN
felgi OEM do Iveco, produkt OEM

OEM wheel disc quality

the main advantage of OEM product is quality. Due to the fact that the manufacturer produce original rims – sometimes supply us witch exactly this original product. This is the “best option” for the customer.  However also if we receive OEM wheel disc (different form original) we are sure that this is correct product for our vehicle, has adequate strength, has certification and aproovals, it can be easy “swapped” even witch a single original wheel (hwat is not a styandard always for aftermarket products) and finally can be easy balanced !!!!!


in DFE we offer original, OEM and aftermarket wheel disci. Of course we have worked witch many suppliers and producers over the past 25 years.  While many competitors are mainly looking for a lowest price – we focus on quality. For sure the price is also important – but for us safety and price/quality ratio are much more important. Probably from this perspective the OEM rims in our offer are unbeatable. And base on our experience we can state that this is best possible chose for each customer. .

felga OEM do Iveco - 500330665
Felga OEM do Iveco - odpowiednik 500307777

Safety and OEM rims

we know the realities of our transport market. The load of vehicles is transffered to the road via wheels. They are also responsible for traction, braking and broadly understood control of the vehicle . And the wheels are nothing else as wheel disc and tires.Finally they connect us to the road. Any breach of this connection – this is dangerouse. Therefore is important ot have any “reserve” for “non-standard” situations (overload, speeding, hard breaking). OEM wheel disc have the parameters of original rims — giving us the best “reserve” of parameters in this prices level product

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