Spare parts for truck and commercial vehicles.  Specialization : spare parts for Iveco

Specialization: spare parts for Iveco

From the beginning of DFE activity – we specialize in parts for products of Iveco corporation. Over 20 years we acquire knowledge and contacts on these specific area of aplications. The result of this big experience is professional and responsible selection of parts and business partners. In addition to our specialization (parts for Iveco) we also offer parts for Ducato. We are also exclusive representative of additional, integral pneumatic suspension systems Top Drive for commercial vehicles and trucks. . Dodatkowo  mamy wyłączne przedstawicielstwo systemów zintegrowanego, dodatkowego zawieszenia pneumatycznego .

Spare parts offer range: original, OEM, aftermarket

within our specialization of parts for Iveco we offer full range of original spare parts and big range of OEM and aftermarket parts. Due to the specificity of the offer – the most important groups of spare parts are :

  • full range parts for vehicles (Van, Truck, Off road, Military)
  • selected parts for buses (Bus)
  • engines parts used in agriculture (Agro)
  • engines parts used in industry (Industrial)
  • engines parts used in individual applications (dedicated solutions)

We always try to give for Customer a choice option. Of course it’s about type of parts : original / OEM / aftermarket but also about the price level and quality level (price-quality ratio is one of most important for “good product”). Our experience allows advise the best solution for concrete situation.

Warehouse : over 20.000 spare parts

We have big and modern warehouse of spare parts in Warsaw. On stock we have over 20.000 spare parts for Iveco and Ducato. Thanks to our specialization – they are not only “fast moving” but also less popular references (what make “a difference” compare to other market players). If we don’t have some item “on place” – we can quick deliver it from our “long-term” partners. Of course shipping from our warehouse reach any point in Poland during next “working day”.

On-line sales system: availability/prices/orders

For quick and comfort work witch our big offer – we have on-line sales system. Our register customers can independently check availability, prices, cross references and often pictures or schematic drawings of interesting position. Of course inside system is possible to order, check status, check documents or prepare own offer for Customer. Becouse the system allows to define own level of prices (adding some % to DFE prices level) – working “witch my Customer” we can simple show and present only the final prices on monitor. Working on many computers (many users) is simple and possible – witch control of concrete user access permission level. Due to the big range of the spare parts offer – our staff will always help to find correct part for concrete vehicle version (we need VIN number).